Getting Usage Data - Partner API


While provides station location and general information as open data, the report data is not open. However, it is possible to show the boat owners' and station maintainers' reports for a particular septic station in your application for a modest fee.

The objective for a Partner API is quite straightforward: instead of forcing the boat owners to use web service, the report data of successfull and failed operations as well as the station maintainers' reports can be brought to the very navigation application used aboard. The Partner API supports both getting and submitting the reports. The easier we make the reporting, the more accurate data of the station status we have, and the easier it is to empty your blackwater tank in a responsible manner.

API Description

Client application contacts the client backend, which makes a HTTPS POST query to API. The query is a JSON-formatted object containing query data and partner ID. The query must not be made directly from client application to protect the partner ID. The ID is used for billing.

The Partner API responds with JSON-formatted object.


The Partner API are billed annually based on the number of calls made to the API:


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