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Developer Info

Septit.net contains both open and closed data. The open data is delivered in the files referred above. All other data (e.g. data aquired from our internal API) is not public and cannot be used without the written permission from the Septit.net publisher.

Septit.net is developed by voluntary enthusiasts. Since the service is not actually a money-making machine we would appreciate if you comply with these guidelines.

Offer Up-to-date Data

Make your service to retrieve the open data from our server using the above URLs. The files are re-generated whenever the data is updated.

Serving these static files causes us less trouble than addressing the questions why your app serves outdated station data.

In other words it is ok to make your application to retrieve the data directly from these URLs. Please avoid making unnecessary calls. The data changes now and then, but it is enough to retrieve it whenever the app starts.

Respect the License

The license requires you to tell your users clearly the origin of the data. The more clear your UI is here the less reports you have to receive concerning the data.

Please Provide the Backlink

If possible, please provide the user a way to open the station URL to report its status. The whole idea of the service is to know whether a station is operational. The easier it is to drop the report the more reports we get. The more reports we get the more useful the service is. Providing the backlink which is opened with a browser (whether it is internal or external of your app) falls within the open data use (free of charge).

The current format of the station URLs is https://septit.net/septicId where septicId is an unique integer for this particular station. New stations get an unused ID. You can pass the UI language code with the station URL (e.g. https://septit.net/212/sv. Valid language codes are fi, sv and en.)

No Calls to Other Septit.net Resources

To provide its service the Septit.net has to offer variety of data to its browser frontend. For example, although the map tiles on our server have open licenses we simply cannot provide these resources to your users. If you have any questions concerning these resources please contact us.

Let Us Know About You!

If you have any questions or ideas concerning the Septit.net service or data please let us know. We are happy to add your app or service to the list on the top of this page.